A Faulty Investigation

For an introduction to the case, here is the judicial conduct complaint presented by Jesse Friedman against judge Abbey Boklan.

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Gary Meyers Interviewed by Detective Hatch and Detective Jones 

This is a partial transcript of two detectives and their interrogation of a child who was in the computer classes. His mother secretly put her Betamax camera into the closet of the room before the police arrived and recorded just the audio portion of the interview. She permitted Peter Panaro to listen to this tape and he transcribed the conversation. He reads a portion of this on disk two of the Capturing the Friedmans DVD.


Child Pornography and Extrafamilial Child Sex Abuse

This is an abstract from a conference organized by The Center For Child Protection devoted to Health Science Response to Child Maltreatment 1990. Sandra Kaplan, M.D.; David Pelcovitz, Ph.D.; Carol Samit, C.S.W. discussed their group therapy sessions with the complainants involved in this case. The document outlines how many of the children professed no recollection of ever having been abused, and the techniques of hypnosis used in order to help the children "remember." This is the same document available on the Capturing the Friedmans DVD.